It’s such a joy to have this gift to provide for our community!

Often you will find people running around in the grass with their kids, picnicking at the tables, or playing fetch with their dogs in our open green space which is lovingly referred to as the lawn.

The urban forest is at the far end of our property. It is a space that is intentionally left wild for us to enjoy nature that does not feel manicured or artificial: natural nature, if you will 🙂

In-between the lawn and the urban forest you will find our community garden and the playground.

Our park truly is a beautiful space for you to come enjoy.

We simply ask that you treat this space with respect and reverence. Take care of it like you would your home.

It’s a big job to care for this incredible space. So, if you would like to donate time, talents, or financial gifts to the park please be in touch with Pastor Megan at or at 619-223-3193.