Hey there! Welcome. We’re so glad that you’re interested in coming to Westminster.

Each Sunday is a set aside time for our whole church community, our littlest ones to our eldest, to join together in being present with each other and with God. Our worship service is filled with a variety of music, prayer, sharing, art, and more! When people react to our worship experience they often describe it as:


We have 1 service at 10:00am each Sunday. Parking is available (the driveway to the parking lot is by the small preschool sign off of Talbot).

Children? Of course they are welcome! We have childcare for 5 and under available. We also often have a Sunday School class for 5 and over. But, all (yes we mean all!) ages are welcome and invited into worship.

Dress code? We don’t have one. Come as you are. Some people like to dress up for the fun of it, but most of us are pretty casual.

After service join us for coffee hour to enjoy some snacks and conversation. Then, feel free to spend time in our park and playground or check out our community garden and urban forest.

We can’t wait to meet you!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to be in touch with Pastor Megan at pastor@westminstersd.org