What is Friends of Westminster Park?
It started, as many community projects do, with a conversation between neighbors.  Joe Davis, who’s home shares a fence with our park, contacted the church office to address an issue with a tree branch overhanging into his yard. From there Joe and the church staff got to know each other, as neighbors do.  Leigh coordinated the tree work with Joe. Alex ran into him while he did landscaping on his back slope. Megan chatted with him while his dog played in the grass one evening. Joe eventually sparked a conversation about how the community could support Westminster Park more actively and Friends of Westminster Park was born.
Or, well, reborn.  Friends of Westminster Park builds on the legacy of past such groups; helping the community to support the park and be connected to the good things we are growing together. Friends of Westminster Park will build a network of folks who love the park and facilitate financial gifts to the church for park projects.  We have always worked hard to share the park as a gift to the community and we are thankful to have a new partner in that work.