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Oh my. We can only begin by saying a giant THANK YOU for considering a donation to Westminster! Scripture tells us that “where your treasure is your heart will be also,” (Matthew 6:21). We are filled with gratitude for all of the people’s hearts that are here with us at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Westminster Presbyterian Church is this incredible place where art+faith+nature meet. Here at Westminster, we believe in a God who is loving and creative, a God who is bigger than anyone of us could ever imagine. And we believe that God calls all of us to be loving and creative, too. We are a church, yes, and we are so much more than that, too. We are also a community gathering spot, a park, a playground, a garden, an urban forest, a preschool, a theater. We are re-imaging what church can mean for this time and this place.

You can choose for your gift to go towards Westminster, Vanguard, Westminster Park or a special gift of a different designation.

Truly, we cannot thank you enough for your gifts of support and love to Westminster, this incredible place where art+faith+nature meet!

To make a donation click on the logo above and it will bring you to our donation page. Please don’t hesitate to call the church office if you have any questions: 619-223-3193.