Facilities Reservation Calendar

  1. Select ‘More’, then ‘Add New Event’
  2. Select the month, dates and time (start and end) for your event.
  3. Select the event type (best description for your event).
  4. Enter contact name, phone number and email.
  5. Enter URL for your organization if that applies.
  6. In the description field provide additional information about your event.
  7. Select campus location you want to reserve and use for this event.
  8. Select Resources (specific room, theatre, park, etc.) you want to reserve for this event.
  9. If your event recurs please use the Recurs section and prompts to indicate days and times. Be sure to include any exception dates (holidays).
  10. Click SAVE
  11. Leave this page and go back to Facilities to download and complete the Facilities Use Agreement. You can submit the Facilities Use Agreement via email to: