Here at Westminster we are just beginning to reimagine who we are and who God is calling us to be. We are a work in progress and are open to where the Spirit is leading us. This is an exciting time to be a part of Westminster! You can come and be a part of dreaming with us and God about this unique place called Westminster where art and faith and nature meet.

Our dreaming, praying, and conversations have recently led us to a new mission statement! So exciting! Ready for it? Here it is…

“We are seekers

creating a just and joyful community 

where all have a place at God’s table.”

…exciting, right?! If it sounds interesting to you come chat some more with us about it or better yet come try to live it out with us!

Here’s a little more about us...

The official details are that:

  • We are a PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA) congregation that was founded in the 1950s.
  • We are open, affirming, and inviting to the LGBTQ+ community…the first one in our presbytery! We call it being a More Light church.
  • We are a Matthew 25 church which means that we are committed to:
    • eradicating systemic poverty
    • dismantling structural racism
    • building congregational vitality
  • Yes, we have a park, a playground, a community garden, an urban forest, a theater, and a preschool here…it’s totally amazing.

But, who are we really, we know that’s what you want to know:

  • We are question askers, seekers, learners.
  • We value openness, honesty, and conversation.
  • We are people who grew up in the church right alongside people who are just discovering church.
  • We believe that we are called to be co-creators with God. Our work is to bring more love and creativity into the world.
  • The church property was originally a dumping grounds that was given to the church to reimagine. Yep, a dump. And now it is this incredible place! We love living into the idea that we are resurrecting this place into a gift of sacred space for our whole community.
  • You are welcome here…really…truly…just as you are.