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                    By Elder JoAnn Landis

We have to say goodbye, goodbye to Pastor Tony, and to Karen, too.

India, Tibet, Morocco, China, Kenya, Bali, Bhutan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Egypt, Argentina and would we say goodbye in those languages?  They are all places where Tony has spent his study leave and vacations studying and absorbing the cultures, religious and spiritual experiences to share with us, as our spiritual leader and teacher. And especially in the children's sermons, he has brought us glimpses of the history and influences of the Israeli, the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and even a bit of Maasai on our lives and spirituality. We have received this bounty in our Pastors Fora, MOJO, Adult seminars, book studies, as well as sermons.

And whoever would have guessed we would have Greek translated so often in our service?  This brings us back to his Christian center...peace, justice, compassion...all of Jesusís main teachings, which Tony preached and embodied.

We have indeed been fortunate to have had their company, companionship (read Venture groups especially) as well as their leadership in the areas of Peace and Justice.

And now we send them off to spread their intelligence, education, charm, compassion, missions and visions to the rest of the world, hoping they will come back occasionally to share with us again.