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    8:45 AM

Children are excused during the worship service for Sunday School. Child-care is provided.
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The one word our new members keep repeating is the "friendliness" of the people of our congregation. We invite you to explore the variety of programs reflected in these pages.
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                 Time 4 Lent

Your life may seem to leave little time for traditional Lenten practices. But you can weave moments with God into the busiest schedule by making Lent part of each activity in your day.  Three foundational practices of Lent are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Hereís how to think about them in a new way:

If you make a habit of saying a little prayer whenever someone irritates you, cuts you off in traffic, makes life difficult; when someone does you a favor, when you experience great and friendly service, or when something joyful happens to you-you will soon find yourself praying your way through the day. This practice will make you more aware of Godís presence and awareness improves relationships.

Our 2015 Lenten Study taught us to fast (abstain, deny yourself) from criticism, gossip, judging others, passing on rumors, abstain from unwarranted fear and anxiety. You can also tell that inner voice inside your head that criticizes you to abstain from eroding your ability to be the confident, blessed person God calls you to be. This discipline will make you stronger.

Life offers countless opportunities to give of yourself to others (alms). Give encouragement, praise, kindness and give thanks at every opportunity.  Give the gift of your attention to someone who simply wants to be noticed and freely share your smile.  Seek opportunities to give Godís love each day and discover newness in Christ during these 40 days of Lent.