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An Inspiring Story
Source: Interfaith Statement on Washington’s Clean Air Rule
Submitted by Elder Sue Randerson

The media is full of gloomy news about climate change. It’s already happening, and scientists agree that it’s largely due to human activity, mainly CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases, as well as deforestation.

In Genesis, God gives humankind dominion over the earth and all within it. Deuteronomy 11, v. 11-12, says the land is…”a land which the Lord God cares for, the eyes of the Lord your God are always upon it…”
Pope Francis calls for people of faith to act now on climate change. What can each of us do?

Here is something positive which 11 Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faith leaders in Washington State did: They spoke with Gov. Inslee about reducing CO2 emissions in their state. They then sent him a signed statement in support of enforcing the Clean Air Rule. It begins: “All faith traditions believe that care of the earth is a sacred trust. Our call to care for creation is deeply rooted in religious values of spirituality, stewardship, and justice. How we steward the earth’s resources is a moral issue. Climate change is a reality, and the impacts are already being felt around the world and here in Washington….  [We] religious leaders are united in calling for the reduction of carbon emissions as a means to reduce the warming of our earth’s atmosphere….”