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The Grass Whistle
Submitted by Elder Annette Pozos

Growing up in the 1950s in Minnesota was idyllic-especially the summers.  Playing all day, swimming, catching fireflies, stilts made from young poplar trees, finding the right sized reed for a great pea shooter and the perfect blade of grass for a grass whistle.  A few months ago while visiting our 2 ˝ year old granddaughter, Peytyn, I saw one of those perfect blades of grass.  I had not lost my knack for making that blade of grass send forth a piercing whistle.  Peytyn squeeled in delight.  As I prepared to return now for Peytyn’s 3rd birthday, I asked her what she wanted.  She immediately replied a grass whistle!  Ecclesiates 6:9 (from the Int’l Children’s Bible): “So it is better to be happy with what you have than always to be wanting more. Always wanting more is useless-like chasing the wind.”  And I thought she would want the latest toy!!! 

Take home message: Enjoy what you have in your life and your backyard.