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From Psalms to Soap

In 1837, soapmaker James Gamble joined candlemaker William Proctor to form the legendary household products firm, Proctor & Gamble.  Gamble, a devout Methodist, implemented many workplace policies innovative for that time, including half of Saturday off with pay, sick leave, and a profit-sharing plan.  Years after the founding, the company opened a research lab to develop a fine, white soap to compete with the Europeans.  But, what to call it?  In 1879, Harvey Proctor, William's son and Gamble's nephew (the founders married sisters) heard the preacher in his church read from Psalm 45:  "All thy garments smell of myrrh and aloes and cassia, out of the ivory palaces…."  Bingo!  Henry thought he heard the perfect name. He couldn’t wait to tell Uncle James, but it was Sabbath, when you couldn’t discuss business, so he had to wait until Monday.  That’s how we have Ivory Soap, a name conveying quality, purity and whiteness.  Thanks to Psalm 45!

Contributed by Elder Don Worley
Source:  Investor’s Business Daily
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